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Re: Audi mag

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     I also picked up a copy of "Audi Power" at the Frankfurt Airport last 
     week--it is a bit thin on content, primarily promotions for German 
     aftermarket styling and performance garages, and ads for custom 
     wheels. You are right, the four-circle Quattro exhaust tip is cool.
     Audi Power is one of nine "Auto-Power" look alike mags (Merc-Power, 
     VW-Power, Porsche-Power, etc.) published by AMV 
     (Auto-Media-Verlagsgruppe). I'm not aware that they publish anything 
     in English.
     A better use of DM 5.- is "Gute Fahrt" which is a German mag dedicated 
     to Audi-VW. In the June edition are articles on the A3, the S6+ 
     (factory-mod S6 w/4.2L V8 making 326HP), the Avantgarde "RS4," an A4 
     Wagon with chipped 1.8T 4cyl that makes 192 horses, the 20-year 
     jubilee Golf GTI, TDI Audi A4 and Golf wagon(!). Lots of pics, 
     interesting classifieds (perfect 1974 Audi 100 Coupe S w/32K miles, 
     approx. $10K, 1993 V8 w/six-speed manual, 60K miles, approx. $22K, A4 
     TDIs, A4 Turbos, makes you weep...). 
     I originally intended to purchase Euro lights while in Germany, but 
     after checking two Audi dealers and Bosch, the best price I could find 
     was $310 per side, so I figured I'd buy from Peninsula and skip the 
     Notes: A4s absolutely everywhere on the road; I rented one (1.6 liter) 
     from Hertz, got it up to 190 kph on the A81 autobahn, didn't have too 
     much more left. German colleagues from work commented that Audi "now 
     produces equal quality to BMW and Mercedes." Absolutely NO 200 TQs to 
     be seen, nor any 200 wagons. 
     For the Quantum Syncro fans on the list, it appears VW made millions 
     of the Passat Variant '84 - '88 and they are the work vehicle of 
     choice in Germany. Of course not many of these are syncros. 
     Everywhere, five or six on every block, beaters with no wheel covers. 
     Mark Andre
     Fort Collins CO
     91 MMTQWIA3
     87 VWQSW
     64 VWKGC