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Re: Audi mag

     The supplier in Germany for the four-circle quattro exhaust tips is:
     Design Nowak
     Leopoltstrasse 76
     44147 Dortmund
     Tel. (02 31) 81 04 05
     Looks like it is meant to attach on the driver's side of a 
     transverse-mounted muffler which sits aft of the rear bumper. I'm not 
     sure which models of Audis have this set up. My 91 200 doesn't.
     They offer "full Audi-tuning" besides muffler systems; good luck 
     Mark Andre
     91 MMTQWIA3
     87 VWQSW
     64 VWKGC

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Subject: Re: Audi mag
Author:  Non-HP-dhead (dhead@sundial.sundial.net) at HP-ColSprings,mimegw4
Date:    6/25/96 2:57 PM

At 12:03 PM 6/25/96 -0600, you wrote: 
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>    You are right, the four-circle Quattro exhaust tip is cool. 
So lets do a power buy! I want one!  I'll bet Ron's Parts can get them... 
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