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RE: audi a8 driving impressions (long)

i also made a big boo-boo.  the optional forged alloys on the a8 are
17 X 8 and not 17 X 7 as i reported.  thus those comments based on
that mistake area also off....

US cars will not get the 4 speed tiptronic, but i think that a 5
speed tiptronic with an EPA cheating 5th gear would make it here.


On Tue, 25 Jun 1996, Anders Thun wrote:

> Excellent report Eliot, really enjoyable reading. Just a slight
> correction the A8 3.7 is available with 5-speed tiptronic (at least over
> here). Appearantly it will appear in the 4.2 as well later this year.
> Anders
> 95 RS2
> Stockholm, Sweden