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RE: audi a8 driving impressions

On Tue, 25 Jun 1996, Psycho Bob wrote:

> > US cars will not get the 4 speed tiptronic, but i think that a 5
> > speed tiptronic with an EPA cheating 5th gear would make it here.
> Whoa there! Does that mean there are two versions of 5-speed? That is, a
> real 5-speeder which is sold elsewhere in the world, and a 4-speed+OD = 5
> speed in the U.S.?

note that the above is speculation on my part, because i've not come
across any literature on a 5 speed tiptronic.  do the porkers have
them yet?

tiptronic does not mean that the transmission is completely different.
all tiptronic is is the gate design and the software.  as far as the
guts of the transmission are concerned, it is just bog standard ZF,
tiptronic or not.

the 5 speed ZF slushbox has already appeared on bimmers and audis
so i think it is just a matter of getting the software ready to
put tiptronic on top of it.  they're slow, that's all... :)