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Re: 944turbos=$$$$$$

On Jun 25,  5:00pm, Neil Swanson wrote:
> Subject: 944turbos=$$$$$$
> Not my words,
> I think it was in EC, maybe Excellence.  They did a story on doing a timing
> on the 944s.  They mention a very special must gota have tool that wasn't
> to set the tension.

	Of course, we do ours with a Phillips screwdriver and adjustable
	wrench :-| (I'm in the middle of doing the timing belt on my
	'85 5KT with two "gotta have" special tools loaned by a generous

>  HE also says it is cheaper
> to own a 911 Turbo (930) than a 944 turbo.  Hard to believe.

	Maybe that's why they're really inexpensive used.  I seriously
	looked at an '89 944 Turbo (42 K miles, showroom condition) before
	I bought my '91 200Q -- the owner was willing to part with it
	for $14.5K. Luckily my wife repeatedly reminded me that a 200Q
	was what I *really* wanted ...

	But the car was *absolutely* gorgeous -- guess I'll just
	have to wait for my mid-life crisis :-)


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