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My clunk

As for my clunk,

I'd asked a while back for opinions on what it may be.  I'm going to do Erics'
subframe bushings and get the foundation tight as a starter.

In the meantime I took my trusty get the strut out from the top tool just to see
if the metal ring was in fact around the top of the Koni.

I pulled out the driver strut and yes the metal ring was there.  I put the strut
back in and dropped the ring down.  When I pushed in one side the other popped
out so I played that game for a while and then used a long brass punch to tap it
down all around.  OK fine it is in.  Put on and tighten the cap and drive.  Most
of my clunk is gone!  Now they hadn't left the cap loose.  anything but.

I think maybe they never got the ring down all the way. Had it cocked.
Tightened the cap anyway.

If they road tested the cat I don't know why they didn't feel the slack.  Never
driven is my guess.

Well I'm happier anyway. I did the other side but it was OK.

Now for the sub bushings.  That will also give me a first hand or I should say
in the hand look at many other major bushings.

Thanks for all the suggestions.