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Hella XLs

XL owners,

Got some questions.

Last weekend knowing I'd be coming back from New Hampshire go kart races really
tired I ran out to the nearest Hella store and got some 550 fogs to throw on.
The ride back is mostly well lite save the Merrit Pkwy.  Dark and can be full of
deer.  I had to do something with the 5ktq lights and fast.

They did help a bunch.  I could see the side of the road!  A first.

Today I got the XLs I should have gotten in the first place.  Since they fit
into the same housing as the 550s I put them in and aligned them in 15 mins.  So
far, WOW.  Huge difference.

For the moment they are under the bumper.  But I will probably put them up top
one of these days.  I got flashed once already but they are aimed on the high
side of correct by the included level.  I'll tweek down before I go home.

Has anybody used the molly mount on a 5k with the plastic bumper?  Did the
mollies grab OK.  Problems or suggestions?