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4000cs-Quattro and its speakers

Hello once again,

Has anyone on this list changed thier front grill type speaker on a 1986 4000cs-Q.  I would like to replace the front & rear speakers but at Crutchfields they say the fronts are only avail. from AUDI ?!?!  and the rears are 4".  Any input??  I also would like to know of any good and bad area to run a power wire, RCAs, and speaker wire from front to back for an external AMP in the trunk.  The car also has a lower end Sony headunit which I have been unable to remove, I've only worked on VW's and I'm not sure what panals come off and re-fit OK?  Please help.   :-)

Thanks for any info in adance!!!!

John Seitz
Torrington CT

BTW- if the amp is small enogh (20-40wattsx4) could the power of the antana lead power it???