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Re: 4000cs-Quattro and its speakers

I changed the front ITT speakers out for some 3.5" Boston Acoustics.
 Basically, all it invloves is removing the old ITT speakers from their
plastic berth.  You've literally got to cut the suckers out of the old
speaker grill making sure that you leave the screw holders intact.  You then
keep cutting around the rim of the grill until it almost looks as though
you've got a hollow grill with two screw holes.  Then all you've got to do is
mount the new speaker to the hole in the dash and the old grill becomes just
that, a grill over the new speakers.  Really easy, and believe me, it makes a
big difference to have some good speakers up there.  Too, it looks as though
there is enough room in the speaker hole for a 4" speaker with a little
trimming where the  screws go. 

Any more questions, let me know.

Larry Smierciak
86 4KcsQ