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Re: S4/S6 vs. 200TQ 20V

S4 and S6s were never available in the states with a six speed trany. My
father just last week traded his 91 200tq20v for one of the remaining S6
wagons. Having driven both, I would say that the S6 is a little softer edged
in most ways than the 200. Sound insulation is better in the S6 but braking
feels more positive in the 200. The s6 has more toque than the 200 as well.
258 lbft compared to 228 in the 200. The one thing that I realy was
disapointed with in the S6 is the steering. Very accurate with good feel, but
way to much power assist, giving the car an overly isolated feel. You cant
loose with either car, they are both wonderfully stealth machines with
fantastic speed and handling. Good luck.           

1990 90Q 20v