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Re: S4/S6 vs. 200TQ 20V

On Thu, 27 Jun 1996 JWASH99@aol.com wrote:

>I would say that the S6 is a little softer edged
> in most ways than the 200.

a bunch of us rode in steve powers' s6 wagon recently.  perhaps the
biggest difference i noticed over the '93 s4 that i drove was that
the ride quality was better.   it still goes like stink, even with
a passenger load of 5!

>The one thing that I realy was
> disapointed with in the S6 is the steering. Very accurate with good feel, but
> way to much power assist, giving the car an overly isolated feel.

servotronic can be easily disabled!  pull the plug and you're back to
regular power steering.

i would take an s4/s6 because it has a stiffer body and thus better
handling and ride.  plus i love that overboost....