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Re: Therostat & Fan Switc

 Mark Eissler <tequila@interlog.com> replies:

 ME> Replacing the thermostat will go a lot easier if you remove the power 
 ME> steering pump (well, don't remove it completely, just release the belt
 ME> tension, unbolt the pump, and move it to the side, with hoses
 ME> attached,  so you can get better access). I suppose you could change
 ME> the thermo.  without removing the p/s pump. But you might sprain your
 ME> resist, break a  nail, or something....

     Agree totally, the pump is one of the easiest components
     to remove on the engine. (how'd that one slip by the
     engineers).  It would also be an excellent time to
     pull out the Bentley and a multimeter and check
     those senders/sensors that also become accessible.
     Checking the hoses, including that "invisible"
     3 inch hose connecting the steel coolant piping
     could also save alot of future agrevation.


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