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86 Audi 5000S brakes

My dad has an 86 Audi 5000S and as everybody knows, repairs are fairly
costly with this car though the car is fun to drive albiet a little
underpowered.  We had several things go bad such as the wiring for the power
windows between the driver side door and the car is broken, window switches
going bad, temperature control unit needing to be replaced at one point but
is now working for some reason, A/C compressor replaced, gasket problems,
bearings in the front and back replaced, wiring for the temperature sensor
is also bad and list goes on and on.

Right now, the brake booster does not seem to work at times as the local
mechanic describes.  We don't have an Audi dealer in North Battleford or in
Saskatoon any more, where we bought the car from.  I have read past messages
that the brake pressure accumulator could be at fault.  The pedal is hard to
push, as if the engine were off, but pushing on the brakes gets the brake
feeling normal.  Sometimes the brake warning light would come on but the car
would brake normally and sometimes the brake pedal would be stiff.  Is the
brake pressure accumulator at fault and if so, what is the approximate cost
of such a repair?

Thanks.. any information would be good!

Michael Tan

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