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Audi Font

Hi fellow Audians,

I spent last weekend looking for Audi-related logos and symbols to create a
font with. So far I've got:
- the Audi name (in the special lettering with the 'oblique' d)
- the 4 rings in two versions
- the quattro lettering
- the A4, A6 and A8 logos as used on the boot (trunk) lids

Any more suggestions? I'm outputting a Macintosh PostScript font, but
Windows TrueType is also a possibility. If you've got any more candidates,
please mail me. I'll look them up, or will try to read scan files mailed to
me. (no large files please)

TIA, Tom

1988 80 1.8S FWD

   Tom W. Nas, graphic design                        tnas@dtpdirect.nl
   DTP Direct bv                              Voice +31 (55) 5 790 799
   Apeldoorn, the Netherlands                   Fax +31 (55) 5 790 125