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RE: Audi Font

Get some of the Audi rally literature/promos.  They also have some
interesting little logoletts that cropped up in rallying -- they may not
have been official, but they were cool.

Missing the group-B rally cars,

Wanting - Peugeot 205T16

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>Subject: 	Audi Font
>Hi fellow Audians,
>I spent last weekend looking for Audi-related logos and symbols to
>create a
>font with. So far I've got:
>- the Audi name (in the special lettering with the 'oblique' d)
>- the 4 rings in two versions
>- the quattro lettering
>- the A4, A6 and A8 logos as used on the boot (trunk) lids
>Any more suggestions? I'm outputting a Macintosh PostScript font, but
>Windows TrueType is also a possibility. If you've got any more
>please mail me. I'll look them up, or will try to read scan files
>mailed to
>me. (no large files please)
>TIA, Tom
>1988 80 1.8S FWD
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