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Hydraulic Pump Hex Plugs

Got tired of refilling the ole Pento$in reservoir on the
5KS and bought the O ring kit for a rebuild of the
hydraulic pump. The main leak was the mating section, so
left the piston caps alone and just changed the larger
seals......yep, soon as I got it back together the formerly
dry caps (big philips looking pattern on top) started leaking
profusely.  Took the pump back out, and with the aid of a hammer
and flat chisel replaced the O rings on the caps.

BUT, NOW, the 2-4mm Allen plugs are leaking slightly, and
they seem impossible to remove. I cleaned them up with a
sand blaster (covered the rest w/saran wrap), pounded at them
with a copper rod, etc. And STILL I managed to snap or
twist 4 (SnapOn, Hazet, Mac, and Taiwan) allen wrenches and
allen sockets. One snapped inside the plug and will most likely
reside there permanently.

Has anyone ever succeeded in removing these things? Is there
a secret procedure or tool?  At this point I can live with the
trickle of Pento$in baptising the lower quadrant. 

Aside from this, the pump is nice and dry now, and it looks like
the Pento$in topoffs should be every month or two instead of every



'90 V8Q
'84 5KS

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