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Re: Hydraulic Pump Hex Plugs

>BUT, NOW, the 2-4mm Allen plugs are leaking slightly, and
>they seem impossible to remove. I cleaned them up with a

>Has anyone ever succeeded in removing these things? Is there
>a secret procedure or tool?  At this point I can live with the
>trickle of Pento$in baptising the lower quadrant. 

Perhaps I was lucky. I got the seal kit and changed ALL the seals
except for those TWO PLUGS you mentioned. I figgured that they
must have epoxied them in at the factory. They were not leaking
at all, any have not yet leaked in the following two years. Boy
ITS IS GREAT to have a pump with no leaks, does wonders for the
lower part of the engine, and garage floor.

Don't know what to say.....wish it were possible to just put
epoxy and shut out the leak, but I know that will not work
with the pressure you have to hold back. 

What I cannot figure out is why the leak started up suddenly in the
first place when it had been leak free before your "repair". Perhaps
it might be a warning not to bang on the pump too hard when opening
those "X" caps.

Next, on the Charlie springs, if that source has dried up, I can hunt
up my catalog from LEE SPRINGS?? and find a good stainless spring that
would hold about 1.7-1.8 bar on the '86-'?? wastegates.

Alan Cordeiro