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Oil Filters

I have followed the discussion of oil filers or a few days.  I have 
had other filters fail by blowing out the gasket next to the block.  
I have seen a number of aftermarket filters fail on VW Diesel Rabbits 
- back when I was selling them.

I have NEVER seen an Amsoil filter fail.  Never.  Buy one, buy some 
of the majors (Fram, Delco, you name it...) and take them apart with 
a can opener.  I have.  You will never buy anything but an Amsoil 
filter again!  Their filtration material is about a inch thick all 
around!  The others have a single sheet (1/16" thick) of filter paper 
which looks like cardboard.  Yes, this exercise in filter 
dismemberment will cost you about $15-$20.

I am open to discussion on the merits of various synthetic oils - but 
when it comes to filters, NOTHING goes on my cars but Amsoil filters. 
At $7 to $9 each, they're a bargain.

My advice is obvious.  Forget the other filters.  Get yours from 
Amsoil.  I change them every 3K miles, and change oil about every 6K 
miles.  My engines last a long, long time.
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