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Re: Pillar noise

Richard, (et al.)

There is an Audi Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) out on the noise you
describe in your B pillar.  Your Audi dealer should be aware of this, if
not, make him aware.  

Unlike the majoirity of the users on this list you have a warranty which
covers this type of problem on your A6 (A4, S6).  If the dealer doesn't
repair the problem the first (maybe second) time then you should contact
the Audi Area Executive (AE) & ask him or her to become invovled with
the repair.  Audi will hold back payments to dealers for warranty repairs
until they have been corrected to your satisfaction.  

If you continue to bring it back to the dealer, they will continue to charge
Audi.  It seems almost like it is a positive for the dealer to NOT fix it right
the first time.  But if you involve the manufacturer then they have to fix it
right or they don't get their greenbacks for the repair.  Its amazing how
quickly these things get fixed when the dealer gets hit in the pocketbook. 

Are the dealers acting as the Bill & Tammy Fae's for the Audi Gods?  You

-Chris O'Conor