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20V weekend!

What did I do on my summer vacation?! :)

Did a lot of maintenance on my 90 20V This weekend, that needed to be done.

Timing belt, water pump, Idler bearing.  Went well, but when I took off 
my old timing belt, it was so cracked and dry, that when I bent over on 
itself, it actually broke!!! It wouldnt have lasted another week, Im sure 
of it. I only have 62K on the car too, so all you 20V'ers out there with 
this mileage BEWARE!!!  Also did a 10V water pump timing belt this 
weekend, used the same water pump brand, Graf.. they are BOTH making 
noise!!! I have to do it all again this weekend!!! :( So when you go for 
an aftermarket pump, do NOT get Graf.

Also did exhaust. Do not purchase an exhaust system for a 20V. THey 
should be in jail..but instead, they are probably now in Rio.

Did struts and strut bearings etc etc, link rods, bushings blah blah 
blah.  Front passenger side OEM strut bearing was bent. So when I put the 
new straight one on, my alignment got all screwed up. :( THe last 
alignmnet obviosly masked the problem. I always wondered why that tire 
wore funny!!

Valve cover gasket. Not a good thing to do on a 20V car. :) It took about 
two hours... No more oozing!! :)

If anyone needs part numbers or procedures, let me know!


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