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Re: Another Bomb

 Al Powell" <APOWELL@agcom.tamu.edu> writes:

 A-> you can buy the same part for $250 +/-, install yourself in an hour 
 A-> or pay the dealer - or an independent shop.  It's a very easy job.  
 A-> Make sure they use the correct pentosin (7.1 or 11) for your car.  
 A-> DON'T buy the part from the dealer!

     Don't buy from a Dealer..Depends. Clair Audi has the bomb
     listed on this months specials flyer, the OEM bomb is $245. I
     have had exceptional luck with parts prices from the
     dealer. When I did the clutch, got the complete kit with
     bearing, tool etc. for $115.  I'm getting some brake
     pads ($18.50) and a new washer pump ($18), along with a
     few cans of Pento$in ($7.95 ea) from the dealer today.
     This seems to be one of the fringe benefits of the Audi
     experience, no matter how bad the problem with the car,
     it'll continue in service until you can find the parts
     at a "reasonable" price.  I've had many things fail on the
     Audi's but NEVER (knocking on skull) have me or mine been
     stranded while driving one. Came close once when the
     Kitty plugged the exhaust, but vice grips to the Oxy
     sensor provided enough flow to drive home.



     '90 V8Q
     '84 5KS

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