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RE 944T & TS

Not sure how a urQ compares to a 944T or TS, but I can vouch for how the 
944's perform. I own a 88 944 TS and its a true pleasure to drive. The 
factory specs out of the manual on the 88 Turbo S and 89 Turbo are as 

2.5 Liter / 4cylinder / Water cooled
2983 curb weight (at half load capacity)
0-60  5.5 seconds
1/4 mile 13.5 seconds
Top speed 162 MPH

I have heard and read that Porcshe is always a little conservative in their 
performance specs, and while I have never personally measured any of these 
numbers, these were world class numbers 8 years ago and STILL are today! My 
personal experience with my 88 Turbo S is that it is very reliable and for a 
Porsche - not overly expensive to maintain.
You have no 4 cylinder vibration/noise, in fact these cars rev so quickly 
and sound so great you'll find yourself hitting the rev limiter more often 
than you wish. Even today 8yrs later, these are one of the best handling 
productions Porsche ever produced hitting .9G Lateral acceleration, 50/50 
weight distribution and stops were very impressive since these cars were 
equipped with the brakes of the much heavier 928 . Perhaps the finest 
quality about these cars are that for about $2000 you can easily get between 
340 - 350 HP. For about $500 (chip set) you can easily get 300 - 315HP.
For the money, exclusive ownership, and performance - and IF you can find 
one in good/excellent shape, the 88 944 Turbo S and 89 Turbo are hard to 
beat in ANY category for true sports car ownership. I happen to believe that 
the urQ is surely as fine in its own element but not sure the two cars are 
really apples to apples.

Charlie Bernard

88 944 Turbo S
90 V8 Quattro
91 200 Quattro  ( or is it 200 Turbo Quattro??)