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Stapleton Video

  Well, I finally got my Stapleton video the other day and I must say that
I am impressed. It was a one man show, as far as the camera work goes, and
that limits the footage, but it sure is great to see everyone go around
the track at speed. VERY wide varity of cars amd some great shots of the
pits and people getting prepared for the aforementioned speed. Put it to
some good music and great naration and it makes for one fantastic video!
Highly recommend viewong, not only for Coloradians, but for evryone.

  I have been talking with Chris Tucker (the guy who made the video) and
he said that he and some friends are going to be out at the next event
with more cameras. So, the next video should be fantastic as well. Hope to
see you all out at the track this time.

Laters, Ben
83' TQC #346
87' 4KCSQ
82' RX-7 (Soon to be ITA)