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Re: To all Charlie Smith spring use

>     You posted a while ago that you had "obtained" some adjustable
> pressure switches, I think that with these  and a bank of five aquarium
> valves (set to bleed .05 bar, .1 bar, .2 bar, .3 bar & .4 bar
> respectively) each connected to a 12V solenoid valve (Edmund Scientific
> - Phone 609.547.8880, PN B42,533, $2.28 ea.; 1/8" nipple in and out) and
> in turn connected to the NAPA vacuum check-valve you should be able obtain
> any amount of timing at any particular amount of boost you choose.

Funny, I was thinking of trying something VERY similar to what you describe
until someone with more knowledge of electronics than yrs. truly offered to
help me do it the proper way.  I still think this approach might work quite
well although packaging it in a compact manner could be a REAL nightmare! 

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