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Re: Brakes / ISV

Jeremy R King writes:
> I'll have to check the bolt pattern on my Quantum, but I think it's 4 X
> 108mm like the Audi's.  I seem to remember that sometime around '86 they
> all became the same (?).  I think that's why Ti said to use GTi or GLi
> hardware.  I'll post my findings later this week.

> > One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the Quantum marketed by VW uses a 4x100 bolt pattern for the 
> > wheels, the Audi's use a 4x108.  I had considered this route already, the parts will bolt up to the rear axle 
> > alright, you'd just need different bolt pattern for the front vs. the rear wheels.
> > 
> > Make rotating tires a real bitch!  <grin>

This is true, I neglected to mention that in my original post.
Audi used to use 4x100mm wheels on the FWD 4000s up until some time
in 1986 when they switched to 4x108mm.  If you do the VW rear disc
conversion the brake discs will have 4x100mm...  My 4000 is an early model
(1980) which had the 4x100mm bolt pattern so there is no problem.
If your quantum has 4x108mm then you will need different wheels.
I am not sure the improvements from the rear discs are worth going
that far.

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