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Re: Brakes / ISV

I'll have to check the bolt pattern on my Quantum, but I think it's 4 X
108mm like the Audi's.  I seem to remember that sometime around '86 they
all became the same (?).  I think that's why Ti said to use GTi or GLi
hardware.  I'll post my findings later this week.

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On Mon, 8 Jul 1996, Gary G. Erickson wrote:

> Jeremy R King wrote:
> > 
> > Just ordered a heap of stuff for my Quantum - paying long overdue
> > sacrifices.  BJ had a bright idea while looking at prices on drums for the
> > rear of my car.  He checked some part numbers and had me double-check.
> > Seems the rear DISC brake setup for the Jetta's and Golf's is a DIRECT
> > BOLT ON in place of my current rear drums.  I'm getting his "kit" and
> > putting it on my Quantum in the next week or so.  Is this too good to be
> > true?  Is the line pressure to the rear enough to push calipers?  I'll
> > have to figure out something for the parking brake.  Anything else I need
> > to be aware of?  Anybody ever done this?  If it works, it will also work
> > on the 4ks and the non-turbo Coupe GT.
> Jeremey,
> One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the Quantum marketed by VW uses a 4x100 bolt pattern for the 
> wheels, the Audi's use a 4x108.  I had considered this route already, the parts will bolt up to the rear axle 
> alright, you'd just need different bolt pattern for the front vs. the rear wheels.
> Make rotating tires a real bitch!  <grin>
> Gary
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