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Re: 5spd shifter recentering question

Maybe it was luck, but I found and pulled a whole shifter assembly for my
Quantum (leather boot and knob in excellent shape) at a boneyard about an
hour and a half from where I live.  Paid the guy $25 for it.  The plastic
guide/bearing that the shifter pivots on had broken so I replaced the
whole assembly.  Check around.

Jeremy R. King	    Auburn University, Alabama, USA
///////////     '86 VW Quantum GL5     \\\\\\\\\\\\
 Rear Dynomax Glasspak, Hollow cat, Drilled Airbox
   Sach's / KYB struts, Round 55W Driving Lights
\\\\\\\\\\\  Still Slower'n Christmas  ////////////
On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, Alex Kowalski wrote:

> Well, here's one that I think I'll ask now that I've decided to fix every last little problem on 
> the car out of an eerie compulsion to rid it completly of peksy glitches, like a crazed fumigator 
> in a bughouse:
> How is the shifter ('84 4KQ) on the 5-speed sprung back to center?  Mine has never done this, 
> except when moving the shifter left from neutral.  It is sloppy because of this, but still shifts 
> perfectly.  I'd like to fix it, but casual inspection reveals nothing (except two more 
> !$#%& broken rubber grommets to replace anchoring the shifter plate), and my Haynes manual (I 
> know, I know, break with the shekels and get the Bentley) makes no mention of the shifter re this 
> problem except to say that you can use it to change the gears.
> Many thanks,
> Alex Kowalski