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Re: Re: 200Q Surgin'

> Subject: Re:  200Q Surgin'
> Fellow Audians, Paul Waterloo and I have the same problem:
> >"when driving the car (91 200 Q), just to maintain speed,
> >either on the highway or around town, the car surges every
> >couple of seconds (3 to 4)seconds is complete cycle). It
> >really doesn't surge, it feels as if the engine is cutting
> >down on power for about 1 second, then comes back for 2 to 3,
> >then cuts down again. It seems to idle just fine." 
> According to the surgin' general, dr. bob.damato@snet.com our
> common problem is the "O2 Sensor." While I don't need too
> technical of an explanation, I was curious as to what this
> O2 Sensor does (I know it senses O2) how it works and why and
> how it affects the engine (I know, it keeps it from surgin').
> More importantly, how much should a new O2 Sensor cost, who
> should we obtain it from (Linda?) and how hard are they to
> install. Could we replace it ourselves or is it a task better
> left to a qualified Audi mechanic? TIA for your collective help.
> Greg

I was thinking it was the O2 sensor, but I had the emmissions checked last
weekend and the results were almost not measurable. CO is allowed 1 or 1.5%, it
had .01%, and HC is allowed 400 (PPM?), it had 0.

If the O2 sensor was bad, could I still get such a lack of emmissions from the


91 200 Q
87 5KSQ

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