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Re: 200Q Surgin'

Fellow Audians, Paul Waterloo and I have the same problem:

>"when driving the car (91 200 Q), just to maintain speed,
>either on the highway or around town, the car surges every
>couple of seconds (3 to 4)seconds is complete cycle). It
>really doesn't surge, it feels as if the engine is cutting
>down on power for about 1 second, then comes back for 2 to 3,
>then cuts down again. It seems to idle just fine." 

According to the surgin' general, dr. bob.damato@snet.com our
common problem is the "O2 Sensor." While I don't need too
technical of an explanation, I was curious as to what this
O2 Sensor does (I know it senses O2) how it works and why and
how it affects the engine (I know, it keeps it from surgin').
More importantly, how much should a new O2 Sensor cost, who
should we obtain it from (Linda?) and how hard are they to
install. Could we replace it ourselves or is it a task better
left to a qualified Audi mechanic? TIA for your collective help.