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Audi roof racks

On Sun 21 Jul, owner-quattro-digest@coimbra.ans.net wrote:

> From: Joe Yakubik <75363.2524@CompuServe.COM>
> Date: 20 Jul 96 16:36:49 EDT
> Subject: Audi roof racks
> When I went shopping for a ski/bike rack for my 200, Thule was the only brand
> that listed a specific app for the factory rails.  

I can HIGHLY recommend Thule roof gear.

I had a roof rack plus ski brackets on my previous car which after 6 years
was still as good as new.

I recently bought an A4 1.8Turbo quattro MTM 187hp (Heaven!) and to take the
family skiing (5 of us) needed heaps of extra storage.

The problem was solved by a Thule roof rack and roof box which swallowed all 
skis, boots, poles and much more extra gear. Wind noise with the box on was 
slight, although the roof rack on its own was a bit noisy.

Thule have a rack specifically for the A4.

Fuel consumption cruising 110-120 & accelerating hard was 11.4 L/100kms (about
25 mpg) including up & down the ski-fields. None of this was freeway and most
was fully loaded.

In my opinion a sedan is 1st choice every time over a wagon unless the back of
the wagon is used regularly for large loads or you need a space for dogs.
Holidays are better catered for with a roof box without having to drive around
all year around with a noisier (and usually messier) wagon.

Tip: don't get the Combibox 600 for an A4 as fully loaded its too heavy for
the roof rating (75kgs)

Hot tip: get some bonnet protector tape from 3M and fit to roof to protect
paintwork from being marked by rubber feet of the rack.

P.S. the quattro was awesome in the snow & ice - showing a clean pair of heels
up the mountain to a Subaru AWD. Be careful going down though!

Greg Spark
Hamilton, New Zealand
96 A4 1.8Turbo quattro MTM 187hp Ming Blue