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Re[2]: I'm back

     It was definitely not an s2 but I was wondering if it had one of those 
     neato 20Vturbos transplanted into it.  
     I hope your Craprice is bullet proof:)
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: Re: I'm back
Author:  Nivi@aol.com at Internet
Date:    7/9/96 12:29 AM

In a message dated Sun, 7 Jul 1996 14:33:26 -0500, Tim writes:
>     Hi everyone.  Just got back from an awesome week in Maine.  Did not 
>     see many Audis up there but most that I did see were quattros.  Big 
>     surprise there.  I did however see a Coupe Quattro on 287 N near the 
>     Tappan Zee bridge on the way home last night.  It was red, had s2 and 
>     quattro badges on the grill and had a NY license plate.  Are you out 
>     there?
>     p.s.  Ian, did I miss any good Coupe stuff?
Hi Tim,
If the Coupe you saw had *both* S2 and quattro badges, they were both added 
to a CoupeQ. What kind of grill did the Coupe have? If it was the cabio or 
late 90 series type, then it definitely was an S2 (unless the person did the 
conversion I intend to do - costs $$) with the quattro emblem added...
BTW, I just saw a black CQ in Irvington, NJ, yesterday which had 17 or 18 
inch chromed wheels (they resembled Mille Miglia's "Fabula" wheels), the guy 
practically lying down in the driver's seat (probably does so while driving 
as well), at a gas station there and he was refueling...unfortunately it was 
an inner city car...didn't stop to chat, as the guy might have decided to 
shoot at the Caprice...