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Re: RE; 1990 Coupe Quattro

     Also check that there is no loud buzz in the radio on the AM band.  
     Could indicate that the $150 antenna is bad.
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: RE; 1990 Coupe Quattro
Author:  Porsray@aol.com at Internet
Date:    7/11/96 12:54 AM

If the car is in good condition, $7900 sounds good to me.  In my opinion, 
things to
look for (based on 107,000 miles of Coupe driving) : 
1) Maintenance records:  was it maintained by the book?  Does the owner have 
records of repairs?
2) Brake pressure accumulator:  warning signs that it's bad or going -
              a) From a stone cold start, does the brake warning light stay
on after the 
                  car starts? 
              b)  After you shut off the car, pump the brake pedal several
times.  If you
                  lose boost after >10-15 pumps, the accumulator is probably
3) Timing belt:  when was it last replaced?  In my experience after 50,000 
you're on borrowed time.
4) Spark plugs:  These have a tendency to seize in aluminum heads if left for
extended periods (Coupe hasn't been a problem, but I had a $1600 repair bill 
to get one out of a 911 cylinder block after it froze in place).
5) Clutch/tranny:  In my experience, they are very durable.  I am on my 
clutch (I am hard on cars, by the way; this is the first car I have gone 
than 50,000 miles on the original clutch) and the synchros are still fine.
 If you
experience problems shifting or with the clutch, it was probably abused 
still has original fluid in tranny, differential, and hydraulic clutch lines.
6) Brakes:  The pads last forever (I replaced the ORIGINAL rears not too long 
simply because I was worried about the age; the fronts are on the third set).
seem to go before the pads; check the thickness (23 mm is minimum 
recommended) and brake moderately to check for rotor warp. 
7) A/C:  Capacity is fantastic; it should freeze you out of the car in no 
time at all.
Climate control system is pretty decent; run temperature setting up and down 
with setting at "AUTO" and make it sure it does what you expect.
8) Electricals:  All of the various switches on the instrument panel and door 
are lit; the teeny, tiny bulbs tend to burn out and you cannot (officially) 
replace the
bulbs by themselves.  
9) Trip computer:  Check the various modes of operation (Instantaneous MPG, 
average MPG, gallons to tank empty, accumulated time, etc).  My experience is 
that unit is very accurate on MPG (within 0.5 MPG of my calculations at 
10) Outside temperature sender:  Make sure this works; if the outside sender 
is bad,
the climate control system goes haywire.
11) Central locking:  This has the capability of locking/unlocking the 
hatchback with
the doors or controlling the hatchback separately.  Mine has a slight bug, 
if I unlock and open then close the hatchback with the doors locked, when I 
the doors the alarm sounds.  Opening and closing the hatch stops the alarm.
12) Engine: In my experience,with proper lubricant changes and timing belt 
replacement at recommended schedules, engine is bulletproof (I'm getting 
2000 miles per qt, same as when I purchased car with 19,000 miles on it).
tappets might be a little noisy on startup, but this should disappear once 
warms up.
13) Instrument readings:  
         Coolant temperature:  thick mark a little left of center 
         Oil temperature:  100 Deg C
         Oil pressure:   Above 2000 RPM, will peg at 6 bar (Mobil 1 15W50) 
         Volts:  approx. 13.5 - 14 V while driving (not much variance with 
                   electrical load, so long as I'm not idling)
Last, check every functional item on the car (there are PLENTY - memory 
heated seats, tilt/slide sunroof, power/heated mirrors, central warning 
(little icons in center of instrument cluster that cycle when you first turn 
key to 
"ON" and before car starts, then switches to "OK"  readout), radio, 
foglights, map lights, central differential locking, ABS, etc).    The parts 
calls the yellow a "Whinflower"; paint code is Y1A.  
Good luck!
Ray Calvo
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From: "Arun Rao" <rao@quattro>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 09:26:01 -0700 
Subject: '90 Coupe Quattro
		A friend of mine in Rochester, NY is seriously looking at
	a '90 Coupe Quattro -- 108,000 miles, apparently good condition, 
	yellow (is this the Ginster yellow?), asking $7,900.  Feedback on 
	both price and things to look out for would be appreciated.  He's 
	looking to buy this week, so ....
		Thanks in advance.
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Arun Rao
Pixar Animation Studios
Pt. Richmond, CA 94804
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