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Re: Black plastic bumper cleaning

On Tue, 9 Jul 1996, Jim Williams wrote:

> >Anyone got any tips on how to clean black crinkly plastic bumpers.
> >Presently, they have a greyish finish to them - I think there is polish
> >and crud inbetween the ridges of the textured finish. I have tried a 
> >brush and it wont shift it.
> I never had any luck cleaning my bumpers or mirrors and silicones only 
> provided a temporary cure for the grey look.  I ended up painting the 
> bumpers and mirrors (just the plastic part) with black bumper paint and 
> now they look like new. Make sure you use something to remove any 
> silicone residue before you paint.  The brand I used (PlastiCoat.. 

I use "Inhibisol" to take off the waxy residues in the moldings etc. It 
works really well. Its not an OTC item, so you may have to go to an 
industrial chemical place. Carbon Tet also works oK but takes a little 
mor scrubbing.


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