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Re: Black plastic bumper cleaning

I thought the bumpers were black so you wouldn't have to clean them.

Bob D'Amato wrote:
> On Tue, 9 Jul 1996, Jim Williams wrote:
> > >Anyone got any tips on how to clean black crinkly plastic bumpers.
> > >Presently, they have a greyish finish to them - I think there is polish
> > >and crud inbetween the ridges of the textured finish. I have tried a
> > >brush and it wont shift it.
> >
> > I never had any luck cleaning my bumpers or mirrors and silicones only
> > provided a temporary cure for the grey look.  I ended up painting the
> > bumpers and mirrors (just the plastic part) with black bumper paint and
> > now they look like new. Make sure you use something to remove any
> > silicone residue before you paint.  The brand I used (PlastiCoat..
> I use "Inhibisol" to take off the waxy residues in the moldings etc. It
> works really well. Its not an OTC item, so you may have to go to an
> industrial chemical place. Carbon Tet also works oK but takes a little
> mor scrubbing.
> Bob
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