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'97 A4

     >>So, any ideas what Audi is putting out for '97
     I call my Audi salesman to find out these things.  (Poor guy hasn't 
     sold me anything except in November of '83.)
     He says the 30-valve V6 builds will start in October, so they will get 
     the first ones in January.  This will have about 20 more hp than the 
     standard v6 (bringing it to about 195 hp). Drool.
     The 150HP 20-valve turbo 4 cylinder will be available, though it will 
     only be available with an automatic initially!!!!!  It will be about 
     $3000 less than the standard V6.
     That call to the salesman could be expensive.  I'm going to test drive 
     an A4 quattro later today!
     Jack Rich
     Compleat car history:
     '71 100LS (totaled)
     '74 Fox (totaled 9 months later)
     '75 Fox (pre-dented and rusty: rusted away and sold)
     '84 4000S Q (first-ever (and only) new car. sadly for sale)
     '85 5000S Wagon (bought for wife: sold)
     '88 'Vette roadster (my first-ever non-Audi)
     '90 V8 Q