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Re: Cruise Problem Diagnosis

     I just paid someone a lot of money to diagnose the cruise on my V8 
     (they didn't even fix it, just figure out what's wrong!)  It is the 
     switch on top of the transmission housing that tells the cruise that 
     the car is in gear.  Power goes in from the gearshift lever but not 
     out, so the cruise thinks the car is not in gear.  The switch also 
     controls other things and is a real PITA to get to.
     Anyone out there think I can just bypass this switch and tell the 
     cruise control that the car is always in gear without blowing things 
     up?  (I never turn my cruise control off by shifting, only by braking 
     or with the cruise control switch.)  If so, how?
     Don't know if this helps you, as it could be any number of things, but 
     this is one that I wouldn't have thought of.
     Jack Rich