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Re: Cruise Problem Diagnosis

On Thu, 11 Jul 1996, Royal,Paul wrote:

> Ladies and Gents du Quattro,
>  I'd like to know if someone can give me quick run-down of where to start   
> checking to diagnose the problem with my cruise...it doesn't work at all.
OK.. first disclaimer... Ive done this on the UrQ and the 4kQ, but not 
sure if the systems are the same on the 20V...

I would start by disconnecting the electrical switches on the brake and 
clutch and jumpering them. THese always seem to go out of adjustment. 
(Make sure its the right one, not the brake lights! (The one with the 
vacuum lines is the one)

Put in a paper clip or something in them to jumper them. If it 
works...adjust accordingly.  If still doesnt work, check condition of the 
vacuum lines that go to each pedal. Chances are your problems lie in one 
of those two things.


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