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Re: A4, A6 B pillar noise

At 14:14 01/07/1996 -0400, McIntyre, Richard wrote:
>I noticed a number of people complain recently about rattles, etc.,
>coming from the B pillars of the A4 and A6.  Well, I had the problem
>too.  I found that the lower and the upper B pillar plastic covers
>make plastic-to-plastic contact mid-pillar where they meet (at least
>on the A6).  My solution, which seems to have solved my problem, was
>to remove the lower B pillar cover and glue felt on the plastic where
>contact is made.  You can figure this out by close observation (don't
>forget the points on the back).  With the felt on, they fit together
>very snugly, and no more rattles over bumps.
                My S4 has this problem,too.  I take plastic trim out and put
3M foam tape 
 inside to saperate the two plastics from each other. It's effective at
first,but lately
 that noise come out again.
                I don't expect that plastic-to-plastic noise in the car of
this price. very disappointed.