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Re: New S6

At 14:01 13/07/1996 -0500, Andrew J. Speer wrote:
>I'm not a fan of "Automobile" magazine, but it sure beats reading
>"Madmoiselle" at the supermarket checkout.  The latest edition has a short
>blurb on the next S6 making 330 hp (rather than the 260 or so previously
>mentioned).  If the S4 gets the same engine and a curb weight @3400
>lbs.......I'll let y'all use your imagination.  If the A4T can make 286 hp
>just with intake, exhaust, and turbo work, 400 hp should not be impossible
>for an engine that features 1 more liter of the same 5 valve technology, but
>then I'm not an engineer.  The same article states the next 911 turbo will
>exceed 440 horses, while the forthcoming M5 will make 375.  Unfortunately no
>other specifics were provided.

        Wow,my 270 HP S4 will be a baby soon..
        Volvo's new S90 (the replacement for 900 series) will have bi-turbo
4WD >300 HP. 
        SAAB 's new 9000 also have bi-turbo ,>275 HP.
        Alfa Romeo's new flagship also have 4WD twin turbo.

                        We can easily mod. turbo car up to one exact
point,more than that you have to spend a 
        lot of money.
                        For example,the S4 ,any chips can pump them up to
270 HP. but higher than that you need a new
        manifold to keep the head cool. If you want 310-320 HP. you need a
new turbo.  These are
        quite easy,but if you want to go beyond that (above 320 HP.) ,you
have to spend a lot of money.
                        So, 400 HP. for the new S6 may be  possible,but may
not easy.