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Yahoo New Muffler!

Yahoo, I put my new muffler on yesterday and now my 4k's purring quite 
nicely again. And of course the whole 15 or 20 minute job had to turn 
into of them 1 hour + fiascos because the rear exhaust clamp (the one 
that goes between the muffler and resonator) that NAPA ordered for me 
turned out to be a little too big. MotoTool to the rescue (and about 15 
of those Red cutoff disks) and I made "the adjustments."

But I do miss that race car sound a little, 'specially that crackling you 
get when you take your foot off the pedal. The old muffler was in really 
bad shape: about a third of its bottom side had rusted away (all this 
falling apart since only five days ago...) and the top was growing a hole 

I opted to leave the resonator in at this go. But I expect only a few 
more months (weeks?) of service out of it. The body of the res. is still 
good, but the pipe is rusted something awful.

Well, now I gotta go and do my water pump as soon as the car cools 
(that'll teach me for not changing it when I did the timing belt a few 
weeks back).

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