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NE Audi Outing July 27th

So everybody wants to go to Lime Rock, sounds great to me.

Couple of questions to people who have experience.

1- Where can we meet? On site or some place near by? Can we meet on site? Who do
I need to contact?

2- Does anyone have a schedule of Lime Rock and can they tell me what is going
on July 27th?

3- We're not gonna have the track (I wish we could), do we want to have some
kind of picnic out there? Or should we go to a restaraunt?

4- I figure we could get together in the early afternoon (around 2-3 P.M.), any

5- We might have some Audi goodies to give out (from a source I can't disclose
right now but will when I have them), should we have a contest for clean car?
Most miles? Distance traveled? Other ideas?

I've got all the posts sent to me on the outing, I'll continue emailing to the
list, and when it is all put together, I'll email everyone seperately also.

Got to tell the wife about it now, I hope she lets me go.


91 200 Q (hope I get the CT registration by then)
87 5KSQ

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