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Re: A4 Quattro '96- Sport Steering Wheel

I got the Black A4Q with the Ecru leather.
I waited for this combination for two month!
I love the Ecru leather....however, the armrest is in 
the Ecru cloth ( not leather), it seems that it is really easily to get 
dirty. Also, the carpet is in light gray color. I got a stain on the 
first day I got my car :( The worst thing is ... the syntheic fibers 
comes out so easily. Bad quality!!!


On Sat, 13 Jul 1996 DavidE4414@aol.com wrote:

> I have just ordered a 1996 black A4 Quattro. The car that is closest to my
> request is docked in Wilmington, DE and the car should be here within the
> next few days/weeks. 
> This car has the sport steering wheel. My wife likes the looks of the regular
> steering wheel, which can easily be suubstituted for the sport steering
> wheel. Please let me know of any advantages or disadvantages of either
> steering wheel. One review of the A4 stated that the sport steering wheel is
> the one option that should be gotten. Some reviews feel that the steering
> feel is overboosted. Does either steering wheel have a better feel.
> Additionally, my car has an Ecru leatherette interior. Are there any comments
> on the leatherette, good or bad. 
> Thanks in advance for your advice.
>                                                David Eisner, MD