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Re: A4 Quattro '96- Sport Steering Wheel

I have just ordered a 1996 black A4 Quattro. The car that is closest to my
request is docked in Wilmington, DE and the car should be here within the
next few days/weeks. 
This car has the sport steering wheel. My wife likes the looks of the regular
steering wheel, which can easily be suubstituted for the sport steering
wheel. Please let me know of any advantages or disadvantages of either
steering wheel. One review of the A4 stated that the sport steering wheel is
the one option that should be gotten. Some reviews feel that the steering
feel is overboosted. Does either steering wheel have a better feel.
Additionally, my car has an Ecru leatherette interior. Are there any comments
on the leatherette, good or bad. 
Thanks in advance for your advice.
                                               David Eisner, MD