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1996 Bose Stereo/RDS Problem?

Hi again, I'm wondering if I have a problem with the Bose stereo in my A4.
I always have RDS activated, but recently I've seen two odd things occur.
First, I live in the Boston area.  Suddenly over the weekend, 106.7 started
to list on the RDS doscplay as KHOP, which would indicate a station
somewhere west of Mississippi (I don't think I've moved, and the radio
station still calls itself WMJX).  Also on Sunday, we were up in Maine still
receiving 107.9, but the RDS was not displaying the call letters.  It has
since returned to displaying the correct call letters.

Any ideas?  What do other Bostonians see for 106.7?
Can anyone in Maine or NH obtain the call letters for 107.9 (should be WXKS)?  
Is RDS distance-sensitive?  
Do I need to take the car in to get the stereo checked?