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Passport 4600 vs Valentine V1

I have been the proud owner of a 1984 Escort radar detector, much better
than the top of line Uniden I tried in 1990.

The recently purchased '93 100 CSQ insists on a new detector. I was never
unhappy with my Escort puchase 10 years ago & used it mostly in the eighties
and on & off through '92. The $150 ticket received in '93 could have been
used to help finance the V1, I was tailed for a couple of miles on 93 North
& had my mind on something else.

I gather the Valentine V1 is now the best, period. I plan to get laser
detection as I live in MASS.

I looked through the archives & the Web, there were no comparisons between
the V1, Passport 4600, & the Bel xxx. Hate to spend double the $ to get the
V1 over the Passport 4600, but I know that some quirks on the lesser units
don't necessarily show up on specs or ratings. Like tubes vs solid state audio.

Has anyone compared these 3 different units, especially the Passport 4600 &
the Valentine V1?

The V1's direction pointers do seem useful, as people have said for multiple
Bogies & strip malls.