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Passport 4600 vs Valentine V1

Thank you everyone for your public & private responses concerning this dilemma.

My interpretation of the responses & my readings in Car & Driver is as
follows.  For the lowest price, pick up one of the Passports (non 4600) from
Damark, ~$100 USD. Above that you're weighing price to performance & must
make your own research decision.

The one that others are measured against is the top dog -- the Valentine V1.
Direction pointers & the multiple bogy counter is what could make it all
worthwhile. Passing a strip mall, where there is usually 2? If there is 3
today, and it points ahead/behind, slow down & look in the mirror & ahead to
wave even though it probably is not a fellow Listmember. Might as well get
the Laser option, it costs ~$70 to buy it now vs ~$105 later. The build
quality is magnesium vs plastic. The unit is upgradable instead of having to
buy a whole new unit. I think the last upgrade was $30 a year or so ago.