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RE: Passport 4600 vs Valentine V1

I got the laser option V1, no on the remote. I move the unit from car to car a lot, having 7 vehicles, so the remote is not a viable option for me - too expensive to outfit multiple cars witht the remote.

Sensitivity is VERY high. The bogey-count display helps out with the strip malls and the directional display has a priority feature to that it always flashes the directional arrow for the highest alert level. Most door openers and alarms are on x-band and most modern police radar is on k-band and it is easy to tell them apart with the V1. Also, there are 2 selectable advanced-logic modes of operation with the V1. 1 mode just gives an initial beep for x-band (most likely not police radar) and then goes silent. The second mode remains silent unless the unit is 'sure' the source is police radar, k-band, ka or laser, only then gives an audio alert. It automatically powers-up in the 'all alerts' mode, for safety. Very nice features and works very well in real-world noisy RF environements.