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Re: Passport 4600 vs Valentine V1

At 08:46 AM 7/14/96 -0400, you wrote:

>Has anyone compared these 3 different units, especially the Passport 4600 &
>the Valentine V1?

I have a BEL 645 STI Plus, and I have been testing two side-by-side Escort
units for the past three weeks (the 5000 and the Solo 4).  It is clear to me
that of the three, the 5000 has the best technology.  Like the V1, it can
show multiple bogies and the general direction they are coming from.  The
LCD display can be a touch difficult to interpret at times, but the same
holds for the Solo 4, which has many more falses.  The 4600 uses the same
radar sensing technology as the 5000.  You can buy either of these
mail-order through Damark for $100 (refurbished, in original Escort packaging).

BTW, I trust either of these much more than the BEL.  The V1 is supposedly
better (marginally, I think).  Used properly and wisely, any of these should
provide ample protection).