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Re: A4 Quattro '96- Sport Steering Wheel

At 06:35 AM 7/13/96 -0400, DavidE4414@aol.com wrote:
>I have just ordered a 1996 black A4 Quattro. The car that is closest to my
>request is docked in Wilmington, DE and the car should be here within the
>next few days/weeks. 
>This car has the sport steering wheel. My wife likes the looks of the regular
>steering wheel, which can easily be suubstituted for the sport steering
>wheel. Please let me know of any advantages or disadvantages of either
>steering wheel. One review of the A4 stated that the sport steering wheel is
>the one option that should be gotten. Some reviews feel that the steering
>feel is overboosted. Does either steering wheel have a better feel.

As far as overboosted steering goes, this would not be a function of the
steering wheel.  I have the sport wheel and think it is excellent.  I
haven't driven an A4 without one, though.  Well worth the added expense, IMO.

>Additionally, my car has an Ecru leatherette interior. Are there any comments
>on the leatherette, good or bad. 

We looked at Pearl cars with anthrcite leather and leatherette.  Even though
it's free, I could see getting a vinyl interior in a $30,000
performance/luxury car.  IMO, it's trying to look like something it isn't.
If you don't want to get leather (slippery, hotter and colder than cloth),
get the cloth.  Of course, in the end, it comes down to what YOU like
(that's why they offer three andsell plenty of each one).