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RE: Breather Hose

Thanks for the reply. The hose for the MC engine is ~$48 retail - Linda sold 
me one for $35. This hose is about 10 inches long. The hose I need (for the 3B 
engine) is about 20 inches long and has a molded T about half way. It runs 
from the crankcase (drivers side) up behind the engine and ends right where 
the heat shield for the turbo is on the passenger side.The hose is shot from 
the large end clear to the T.

mike 91 200Q

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> Anyone had any luck trying to splice in a new piece in the larger diameter 
> end? The small end and the 'T' fitting are okay - just bad from the 'T' to
> large end. This is really turning out to be quite expensive what with having
> to also replace the turbo water pump for ~$200 just because the plastic head
> is shot.

If the bottom end is shot, you have a problem.  The radius of the 
turn is critical or the hose runs right into a unit mounted above it. 
 I think one could easily make an adaptor for the smaller end of the 
hose, but not for the larger end - because of the turn.

Those prices sound really high...for my 1990 200, the hose was $48 

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